Help bring the adventure, history and little known stories of valiant heroes, the flying Aces of WW1 and WW2, to a thrilling, addictively fun multiplayer online air combat simulator!
A detailed, historical flight simulation and air combat game and much more. In a game industry saturated with blood and gore, here is a game that stands apart from and, literally, above the crowd : Dogfight Elite. If this Kickstarter campaign succeeds, young players and old will discover one of the most fascinating periods in modern history; the origin of combat in the air and the birth of the chivalrous “Knights of the Sky”, the Aces of WW1 and WW2.

Dogfight Elite

With the Wright Brothers only a few years behind it and bold, pioneering airmen pushing the limits of man’s ability to conquer the skies, WW1 was the real dawn of flight. In a mere four years combat aviation went from enemies waving as they passed each other over the front to the most furious air-to-air battles ever seen. google translate And the sophistication of aircraft went from wood and canvas “flying coffins” to swirling, climbing, diving war machines the equal of which the world had never known. Just two short decades later those planes would appear primitive compared to the astonishing advancements in the aircraft of WW2.

These two seminal wars in the sky combine to provide the setting for Dogfight Elite, and it’s about this pivotal period in history – when the world teetered on the brink of destruction and aviation technology plunged headlong toward newer, faster, more deadly planes – that gamers will learn while playing their way through historic campaigns that illuminate some of the 20th Century’s most remarkable advancements, most startling moments, and most genuinely larger than life characters. You’ve heard of The Red Baron. He was just one of many. The mythical devil-may-care fighter pilot, the “code of honor”, the gentleman warrior, is no myth…it’s true. You’ll meet and learn about these fearless legends of combat aviation in Dogfight Elite.

Your support for the development of Dogfight Elite will contribute to quality content for gamers, flight simulation aficionados and history buffs of all ages.